Rush could be one of the greatest weekends of the Spring, and we hope all students will participate. Students will be divided into groups (5-10 per group) of the same age and gender and participate in large and small-group activities and Bible studies throughout the weekend. The small groups will be led by adult leaders and will meet and stay in host homes throughout the weekend. It’s like a two day camp experience.

When: February 3-5, 2023
$100 Registration | November 1-30
$125 Registration | December 1-31
$150 Registration | January 1-15

Rush is a great way to help students answer questions and grow in their faith journey with God while connecting with other students who can encourage them.

Grades 6-12 (will be divided into gender and age-appropriate groups). We want students to invite as many friends as they can and will be put in groups with those they invite. The large group sessions will occur at Crossroads, Friday-Sunday (Sunday, other churches will attend their own church services). The small group sessions will happen in host homes. Students will bring sleeping bags and bed rolls to the host homes and sleep on the floor in a common area on Friday and Saturday nights.