Job Opportunities

Student Worship Leader

Job Purpose
To provide leadership and excellence in programming and presentation that leads students into genuine, engaging worship; and to develop a community that is producing fully devoted followers of Christ.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leads the Student Worship Team for the specified campus
  • Leads in worship for weekly services through singing and/or playing an instrument
  • Leads weekly Worship Team rehearsals
  • Creatively collaborates with staff across multiple campuses on set design, lighting features, worship elements, and service flow
  • Collaborates with Weekend Experience in the development and implementation of possible worship events
  • Researches new and trending songs to implement into worship or as presentation songs
  • Interviews and assesses prospective worship volunteers
  • Develops volunteer worship leaders
  • Works with the Student Pastor on stage upkeep and changes to systems and media
  • Coordinates with Weekend Experience and Student Pastor on maintenance and replacement of instruments, technology, and band gear
  • Maintains band, vocal, and production schedule for the specified Campus
  • Participates in pastoral care for band, vocal, and production volunteers as well as congregation
  • Develop adult leaders who will poor into the lives of students as small group leaders
  • Attend church services and church-wide activities
  • Promote the student ministry to the church and the local community
  • Develop relationships with area schools and officials
  • Help in series planning and event planning for global student events
  • Create service opportunities for students
  • Have a working knowledge of all media and tech equipment and procedures
  • Train, develop, oversee, and coordinate all student media and tech volunteers

Desired Skills

  • It would be nice if you could sing…on key
  • Proficient at playing a band instrument
  • Familiar with Ableton live or equivalent software
  • ProPresenter experience
  • Planning Center experience
  • Organization skills
  • Communication both publicly and one on one
  • Proficient in counseling
  • Personnel management
  • Vision casting
  • Leadership development
  • Process development and implementation
  • Basic knowledge of ProPresenter, CCB, Ableton, PCO, Vista, or equivalent

General Characteristics

  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Critical thinking abilities.
  • Familiarity with Church Community Builder (CCB)
  • A cooperative team spirit and an attitude of genuine caring for all church personnel, members, volunteers and others who associate with CROSSROADS.
  • A genuinely cheerful, organized and friendly demeanor with all people that have needs at the church.
  • A positive attitude at all times and poise under pressure.
  • Exhibit a “whatever it takes” attitude.
  • A reputation for sound judgment and decision-making ability.
  • Unquestioned integrity.
  • Willing to study and improve in areas of knowledge and skill which need strengthening.
  • A servant’s heart regarding the job description.
  • Become familiar with CROSSROADS’ theology, philosophy and history.
  • CROSSROADS membership is required.
  • Commitment to personal loyalty to the Lead Pastor, each member of the Pastoral and Administrative Staff, and Ministry Leaders.
  • Personal discretion concerning information of Church life and ministry shared in the normal flow of staff relations.
  • Maintain open and offense-free relationships with the vocational and Pastoral staff.
  • Maintain health and physical fitness